1st Vice President

Jarvis Williams, a native Mississippian, was elected 1st Vice President on December 1, 2015, after serving as Union Steward for the Maintenance Department He has been a member of TWU Local 208 for 24 years.

Williams started with TWU Local 208 on August 5, 1991, as a coach operator for COTA. During his time as a coach operator, he served as Union Steward, Election Committee Member, and was a member of the Accident Appeal Committee.

On October 26, 2009, he transferred to the Maintenance Department as a Coach Cleaner. Soon after, he advanced to Service Technician and then to Coach Repair/Mechanic A while continuously exemplifying a strong union bond

Jarvis and his wife Michelle have three lovely children He is truly committed to TWU Local 208-“Where A Bus Is Nothing, Without Us”

Email: twulocal208@sbcglobal.net

Office: 614-491-0357

Cell: 614-284-5530

Fax: 614-491-8811