Executive Board

Michael Lamour Zimmerman and his wife Toni were married on Valentine’s Day in 1981 Even though he always said he wanted nine boys to make up a baseball team, he and Toni had three children, Michael Jr (Mickey), Matthew (Matt), and Melissa (Lissa) Each child followed their dad (and mothers) love of sports in general and baseball in particular
Zimm’s father was a union worker, and held office in the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees. His mother was just as active, because this union had an auxiliary, which was made up of the spouses of the union members. She too held various offices in “the auxiliary”
Knowing the importance of unionized workers, Mike has followed his father’s footsteps in being more than just a member of a union. While working for Brown Steel, his employer before COTA, he tried very hard to unionize the workers. It was a great day for him when he was hired by COTA. Mike for quite a while wanted to drive for COTA He also wanted to work in a unionized workplace and finally he wanted to be involved in the work of a union
As a member of our Executive Board, Mike continues to be a strong asset to our Local 208 membership
Email: michael_z_man@hotmail.com
Cell: 614-329-0768
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Henry Cade III
We, the members of our Local 208 Union are both proud and full of overwhelming gratitude, for Henry’s military service in the Dessert Storm/Persian Gulf War We collectively pause to say, “Thank You Henry Cade for your commitment to serve.” Henry is and has been a faithful Union member for over 23 years here at our Local 208 He has been a Union Steward for 7 years He has also chaired the Voting Committee. He has moved up through the ranks to his present office as an Executive Board member for TWU local 208 Unquestionably, Henry’s proudest and most honorable achievement to date, rests within his quintessential title of father to his two beautiful children, Queen and Joell
Email: henrycadeiii@gmail.com
Cell: 614-556-9697
Fax: 614-491-8811

Jimmy Lee Wadlington, is the proud father of four children and a doting grandfather to five grandchildren Jimmy was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He is the eldest of three siblings. He has been employed by COTA for the past 11 years
Jimmy attended Columbus City Schools, and is a graduate of Northland High school Jimmy has spent the greatest part of his life in the transportation industry He was a semi tractor-trailer truck driver for over 21 years He also enjoys muscle cars, racing, fishing, motorcycling, and guns He possesses notable skills in the culinary arts, with emphasis on “Soul-Food” The title of a Master BBQ chef has also been branded upon him We are pleased to him as an executive board member.
Email: jimmylwadlington@gmail.com
Cell: 614-313-5626
Fax: 614-491-8811