Recording Secretary

Once again we are honored to express our profound appreciation for the military service that one of our own has rendered Davon Washington has served his country and for this, we are eternally greatful.


Davon Washington was born in Charleston, South Carolina He spent most of his life in Carolina until relocating to Columbus, Ohio. He has worked for COTA for the past 9 years Davon serves as a Local 208 Steward and has held this post for the past 8 years In the past administration, Davon served on both The Service and Delivery Committee and a post as an alternate on the Safety Committee. He is currently an active member of the Local 208 Benevolence Committee In December of 2015, Davon won the title of Union Recording Secretary for our Local 208, an office he holds with great pride and due diligence



Cell: 614-551-7788

Fax: 614-491-8811